Stuff to get

Web Browsers
1. Safari

A good web browser with lots of features such as an RSS reader and an awesome quick links startup page. A must have for any PC or Mac user.

2. Opera

A good, fast web browser with an online app store. Fun and fast…. Awesome.

3. Chrome

Faster than many web browsers and is the OS for a whole range of laptops backed by Acerbic and Samsung. Although not limited to Chrome, also comes with GoogleDocs and applications such as Calendar and a blogging tool.

4. Firefox

An OK web browser but lacks any special qualities. One of the good things is that you can have an app for the iPhone or iPod Touch shock lets you acres all your open pages. Why you would want to do this but not navigate around, I don’t know.

5. Internet Explorer

An OK web browser but it does only what it says on the tin.</

Operating Systems (OSs)

1. Tie between:

Apple’s newest and well groomed OS with added pzazz! With lots of new features (that we can’t really see) and added gimmicks, this is the OS for you!
No really, this is a great OS with added security from viruses and really awesome features and some which have not migrated from Windows yet such as full screen apps… Wasn’t that on the first Windows OS I can think of… 98! It’s called Maximise… And suff like making Finder Windows bigger with all four corners… Come on Apple…

Snow Leopard

The really work, work, nitty, gritty operating system with added work. It works as your operating system and there’s no real reason to upgrade to Lion (unless you want the gimmicks). You have the App store and other features of Lion without it (if that makes sense)… A great operating system which I will be using until the next wad of cash comes through my door…

2. Ubuntu Natty Narwhal

Really the only Linux I ever liked was Ubuntu and it makes me proud to tell you about Natty Narwhal. I love the simplicity of the OS and the fact that it’s free. I also love the way it looks a bit like OSX on the Mac and was my bridge to sanity from Windows.

3. Windows 7

Well what can I say… It’s Windows. Looks great but has more holes in it than a piece of holey cheese… Install it for that Bargain price of £100 (BTW, OSX Snow Leopard is £29…) and when your computer dies of shame, who will be the one laughing! Not really… It’s ok and looks nice and does what ever you tell it to do… Apart from keep viruses away…*

4. Windows XP

As per above only with less features. Is actually more stable than 7 but doesn’t look as nice…

Down at the bottom of the bottom…


Don’t get me started…

*Actually, even though I used to download list of 3rd party software and applications onto my laptop, it never got a virus (I could detect) and worked happily on until a BIOS problem…**

**If anyone could help me, I would be very grateful. It is an IBM Thinkpad x31 with two bits of Ram installed- one 512 MB chip and a 256 MB chip (totalling 3/4 of a gig) Runs Windows 7 Home Professional. On startup, the fans run but nothing happens… (sounds like a horror movie doesn’t it). Lol.



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