How to

This page will show you how to do certain things if you have just migrated from a PC to a Mac.

Format a flash drive

Go to: Applications>Utilities>Disk Utilities>Select the Flash Drive>2nd Tab (Erase)>Select Settings>Erase

Quit a program

When you click the ‘X’ to close a window of a program, it doesn’t always quit the program. This is good if you want to start it up again in a few minutes but can take up un-necissarry space in your RAM (Random Access Memory). A small white dot will appear underneath the program (just like when it was open) to show that it is still running. To quit a program, Just:

Right Click it in the dock>Click quit.

Configure an iCloud email account on Mail for Snow Leopard

You will receive an error saying that it couldn’t reach the server, just ignore it and hit continue. At this part, it should be very similar to setting up a regular IMAP email. I can’t show you the next screen on setting up the incoming and outgoing servers as Lion doesn’t let me because of the support for iCloud. What you will need to do is change the drop down menu from the top (Currently saying: MobileMe) to IMAP, and changing the to

the username should just be the name before the and the password, or course, your password.

If you are having trouble, just comment below this page


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