Star Trek Into Darkness

So I just saw Star Trek Into Darkness… IT’S AMAZING Haha…. I really liked it as I did with the 2009 version… I just felt it was really well put together and had a nice twist (I’m not spoiling anything!!). I really can’t wait for the DVD/iTunes copy to come out to see it again… Or I might just have to spend another £8.99 to go see it!

I really cannot believe the prices though. £8.99 to see it and then another 80p for glasses? I think that is a rip off and they know it. I am fully against piracy but I can see where people are going with it. I think if they reduced prices, more people would go to see the movies and piracy would be less… Just saying… Thats the reason why I haven’t seen Iron Man 3… I don’t have the money and I feel it is waaay too much. 

Anyway I hope that if you havent seen it, you will because it is such a good movie and is a great compliment to the whole series every episode before…

In the mean time, rock out to this… 



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