Why Apple is prepping new Apple TV, but not an Apple-branded TV set

“Apple is not going to release an Apple-branded TV set,” Will Greenwald writes for PC Magazine. “It will, however, announce a new Apple TV.”
“Apple has been making inroads with networks to add their content to Apple TV. Apple already has its own large library of content from studios and cable companies as piecemeal downloads, and already offers streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, which raises the question: what does Apple want? Services like the Prime Time Anytime DVR feature on the Dish Network Hopper is the key to that,” Greenwald writes. “Apple doesn’t want to simply sell shows as they come out as downloads. It wants to offer a sort of cloud-based DVR system, streaming shows live or with very short delay like most set-top boxes. It’s the one approach to content delivery Apple hasn’t tried with the Apple TV yet.”

Greenwald writes, “Apple is one of the few companies that can do it. It’s in a unique position where it has a lot of clout with content providers and is as active on the entertainment distribution side as it is on the technology side… That’s my prediction. We’ll see in September, but I’m certain that when Apple lifts the curtain during its presentation, it won’t unveil a 40-inch screen.”


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