Steve Jobs wins: Adobe Flash for Android dies tomorrow

Tomorrow, Adobe will disable new installs of Flash on Android, effectively cutting it off from the future of the mobile web — despite the company’s historical assertion that Flash would enable the ‘full web experience’ on mobile devices,” T.C. Sottek reports for The verge. “Instead, Adobe surrendered the major mobile battlegrounds and pledged allegiance to HTML5.”
“Adobe had grand plans for mobile Flash, but the company met a sizable early wall when Apple refused to adopt it,” Sottek reports. “Despite the company’s push to get Flash on all platforms with its Open Screen Project, it never solved iOS support under Steve Jobs, who famously fought against Flash in favor of HTML5.”

Sottek reports, “It’s hard to imagine Flash’s ongoing relevance in a world that’s increasingly mobile, and Adobe’s support for HTML5 doesn’t bode well for the plugin: in a web with increasingly less Flash, HTML5 will soon provide the ‘full web experience’ for most users.”


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