Apple’s case that Samsung copied the iPhone and iPad – in pictures

“With the Apple v. Samsung patent trial underway, Apple is making its case that Samsung’s phones and tablets are ripoffs of the iPhone and iPad,” Jon Brodkin reports for Ars Technica. “We’ve had extensive coverage of the testimony from our reporter in the courthouse, and we got our hands on some of the trial exhibits Apple is showing the jury.”
“These include side-by-side comparisons of Samsung and Apple devices, internal planning documents in which Samsung discusses features that are a bit too similar to the iPhone, and an Apple analysis of user interface features that allegedly violate Apple patents,” Brodkin reports. “Apple is showing the jury that once the iPhone hit the market, Samsung’s designs started looking progressively more iPhone-like. After the January 2007 announcement of the iPhone, Samsung started pushing out its own touchscreen phones lacking a keyboard, as you can see in the next part of the trial exhibit…” here


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