Apple working on top secret asymmetric screw to prevent users from getting into devices

“Self-repairability is often an aspect of Apple’s modern product design that gets Cupertino blasted by critics, with the Retina MacBook Pro being deemed “the least repairable laptop yet” by repair experts iFixIt,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac.
“But if the leaked image above of a next-generation assymetric screw Apple is reportedly working on is to be believed, things are about to get a lot worse for Mac and iDevice owners who like to tinker with their devices,” Brownlee reports. “The image above was posted to Reddit from a throwaway account (i.e. an account specifically created to be used only once to share sensitive material and therefore hard to trace) and supposedly comes from within Cupertino’s design department.”

Brownlee reports, “The image details a render of new screw that Apple is reportedly working on with a ‘totally asymmetric design’ that ‘no known tools’ can be used to unscrew… This new asymmetric screw, if ever rolled out, looks like it could be a harder nut to crack. To our untrained eyes, in fact, the asymmetric design seems unique enough that Apple could patent it, preventing third-parties from selling their own drivers legally.””


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