The Apple patent Steve Jobs fought hard to protect, and his connection to its inventor

“As the patent battle between Apple and Samsung continues to rumble on, we have been made privy to information that both companies have fought hard to keep a secret. Apple VPs Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall have already testified on the creation, sales and hardships of iPhone project, also providing some fresh insight into how highly Steve Jobs regarded patents registered by the company,” Matt Brian reports for TNW.
“NetworkWorld pored through comments made by Senior VP of iOS software Scott Forstall, where he explained the importance of Apple’s ’381, ’915 and ’163 patents, which are all currently being asserted against Samsung in a Californian District Court,” Brian reports. “Forstall explained his delight at being able to create an iPhone that utilised pinch-to-zoom (the ’163 patent on which he is listed as an inventor), he also detailed Steve Jobs’ close connection to Apple’s ’381 patent — a technology that covers the ”rubber band” (or inertial scrolling) effect that occurs when a user attempts to scroll past the end of a displayed document or webpage.”

Brian reports, “The Apple VP also underlined the importance of the feature to Steve Jobs: ‘Rubber banding is one of the sort of key things for the fluidity of the iPhone and – and all of iOS, and so I know it was one of the ones that Steve really cared about. I actually think that Android had not done rubber banding at some point and it was actually added later. So they actually went form sort of, you know, not yet copying and infringing to – to choosing to copy, which is sad and distasteful,’ Forstall added.”


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