Susan Kare, famed iconographer for original Mac, says Samsung’s phones confuse even her

“The look and feel of the interface on Samsung’s phones is so similar to those on Apple‘s iPhones that even the graphic designer who put together the icons for the orginal Mac gets confused,” Brian Caulfield reports for Forbes.
“Susan Kare, the former Apple designer who created the iconic smiling Mac icon for Apple’s computers testified in U.S. District Court Tuesday that Samsung has substantially mimicked the look and feel of Apple’s mobile software,” Caulfield reports. “Pointing to similarities between Samsung’s phones and Apple’s design patents, Kare said the similarities are ‘beyond coincidental… It seemed likely to me that Samsung used iPhone screen graphics as a guide.’”

Caulfield reports, “The result is so confusing that Kare said that at one point, when trying to pick up an iPhone to make a point when talking to lawyers about the case that she accidentally picked up one of Samsung’s handsets instead.”


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