Sprint CEO Hesse: Oh, yes, Apple’s iPhone was worth the billions

“Sprint CEO Dan Hesse says the opportunity to sell the iPhone was too good to pass up,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.
“Even though the company has had to spend billions to get that privilege — more than $15 billion in commitments over four years — the company couldn’t afford not to have the devices its customers want,” Fried reports. “‘You really dont want to be on the outside,’ Hesse said, adding that the company had a lot of longtime customers who stuck with Sprint on the assumption that the company would eventually get the iPhone.”

Fried reports, “peaking to a group of reporters touring Sprint’s Kansas headquarters, Hesse said the key was just a willingness on Apple’s part. After years of wanting the iPhone, Sprint’s chance came in a phone call from Apple last year.”


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