Apple wins NFC-enabled barcode-reading ‘on-the-go shopping list’ patent

“Apple on Tuesday won a patent describing a complex shopping app that could make its way to the iPhone or iPad in the near future as part of PassBook or a similar eWallet solution,” AppleInsider reports.
“The title of Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 8,239,276 for an ‘On-the-go Shopping List’ may appear banal, but the property’s summary describes technology much more intriguing: an NFC-capable barcode-reading shopping assistant,” AppleInsider reports. “While there are existing readers on the iOS App Store that allow users to scan a variety of codes using an iDevice’s camera, including UPC and QR codes, none offer the capability of directly linking scans to purchases or stored credit card information. Apple’s ’276 patent describes such a solution.”

AppleInsider reports, “While not a specified as an eWallet solution, the patent could make its way into Apple’s PassBook app which will make its debut in iOS 6 later this fall. As of now, PassBook is limited to storing and organizing electronic tickets, store membership cards, and airplane boarding passes, and does not link to a user’s credit card information.”


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