Samsung’s ‘Beat Apple’ files: Are these the smoking guns?

On Friday, Samsung’s chief strategy officer Justin Denison was on the witness stand in the Apple v. Samsung case during which Apple’s lawyers began introducing a series of internal Samsung documents with titles such as:
• “Beat Apple response”
• “Lessons from Apple”
• “Why you should care about Apple”
• “Recent Apple analysis project”
• “iPhone 5 counter strategy”

“The jury was shown Samsung-created slides with side-by-side comparisons of iPhones and Samsung phones still under development with specific ‘directions for improvement,’” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune. “These often involved lifting design elements from Apple — double tapping to zoom into a portion of the screen, say, or adding three-dimensional lighting effects on icons to give them the “luxurious feel” that the iPhone managed to achieve.”

“In one case, Samsung’s user interface designers were advised to remove the “strong impression that iPhone’s icon concept was copied,” P.E.D. reports. “We know from the release of court documents two weeks ago that Apple has a whole drawer full of this stuff, some of it pretty devastating.”


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