Apple v. Samsung: Expert witness testifies that most Galaxy devices infringe Apple patents, trade dress

“Apple’s expert witness, Peter Bressler, adjunct associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania (and president of the Industrial Designers Society of America between 1989 to 1990), essentially confirmed everything Apple has asserted against Samsung in relation to design patents,” Jordan Crook reports for TechCrunch.
“The patent expert, who has been called as an expert witness in seven different trials, affirmed everything Apple had originally accused Samsung of, claiming that about a dozen devices, including Samsung’s Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, and Galaxy Tabs, infringe Apple’s three patents,” Crook reports.

Crook reports, “The conversation then moved to Apple’s trade dress claims. Trade dress centers more around the general aesthetic of a brand’s products that differentiate them in the market. Think McDonald’s golden arches. Apple is asserting one trade dress registration which covers both the iPad and iPhone’s distinctly ‘Apple’ design. Mr. Bressler argued that there are plenty of alternative designs [Samsung could have applied] to both the phone and the tablet that would still [have] achieve[d] the same functionality.”


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