Things you never knew about the iPhone

“Thanks to the testimony of top Apple executives this week, we know more about how the iPhone came to be. However, the revelation of these details means that even if Apple ends up winning this case, it’s still lost something: a little bit of mystery,” Erica Ogg reports for GigaOM.
“When Scott Forstall, SVP of iOS software, started hiring what would become the iPhone team, he was told by Steve Jobs he couldn’t bring in anyone from outside Apple,” Ogg reports. “Because it lost a bid to keep a customer survey secret, we know more about iPhone owners’ buying habits. Like that they are a cautious bunch: 78 percent of them buy a case for their device.”

Ogg reports, “Before deciding to build the iPhone and iPad, Apple considered other product categories, including “crazy stuff” like a car or a camera.”


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