Apple’s iPad will be dominant until…

“Watching the professional industry watchers speculate on how long Apple’s iPad will dominate its market segment is kind of funny,” Jim Dalrymple writes for TechPinions. “Will it be 2012, 2013, no it’s going to be 2015 and then they will fall, right?”
“There are two things that prognosticators seem to neglect when forecasting Apple’s demise.First, In order for Apple to fail so badly in the tablet market, they would need to stop innovating completely. If Apple released the same iPad, with no new hardware or software features for two years, they could be overtaken in the market,” Dalrymple writes. “However, that’s not what Apple does.”

Dalrymple writes, “The second thing that people count on is that Apple’s competitors will stop trying to copy Apple’s success and make a move to surpass the iPad. Recent history suggests that none of Apple’s competitors are willing to do this… The next time you see a forecast of Apple losing its dominance in a market, ask yourself what the competitors are doing to differentiate themselves from Apple. That answer is all you need to know.”


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