Small USB dongle for your Mac makes Microsoft’s Kinect look like a drunk, stumbling uncle (with video)

“Imagine that you could buy a tiny USB-powered box that detected your motion like Microsoft’s Kinect, only instead of watching you jump around a room, it watched your hands and fingers. Imagine that the box was sensitive enough to track the tip of a pencil tracing out letters in a 1cm square of space, and to turn that into accurate handwriting on the screen,” Charlie Sorrel reports for Cult of Mac.
“Amazingly, that box is available for preorder right now. It’s called the Leap, and it works with your Mac,” Sorrel reports. “If it works as well as promised, this $70 box could be quite revolutionary. Sure, you can use it to play Angry Birds with a pair of chopsticks, but it could also deliver iOS-accurate touch control to desktop machines, without the expense of a touch screen (or even a new computer).”


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