Apple CEO Cook, Samsung CEO Choi in US court talks over patent infringement claims

“The chief executives of Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd come face to face on Monday in court-directed mediation in the United States over a dispute in which the iPhone maker claims the Korean firm has ‘slavishly’ copied some of its products,” Dan Levine reports for Reuters.
“Apple’s Tim Cook and Samsung’s Choi Gee-sung have been instructed by a federal judge to appear for mediation in San Francisco to help resolve the bitter patent litigation between the two firms,” Levine reports. “The U.S. case, the most closely watched in a global patent war between the two companies involving some 20 cases in 10 countries, is set for trial at the end of July in San Jose, California. Each company denies the other’s allegations of patent infringement.”

Levine reports, “Patent expert Florian Mueller cautioned against any expectations that mediation, which is being increasingly used to try to resolve U.S. civil disputes, would lead to a significant breakthrough in the case. ‘This dispute isn’t ripe for settlement,’ he said. ‘Under the present circumstances, the two companies’ delegations should spend a couple of fun days in Yosemite Park or Napa Valley, rather than meet in court only to pretend they’re being constructive.’”


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