Electronic Arts to throw kill switch on iOS Rock Band on May 31st

“Discovered earlier today by Reddit users, publisher Electronic Arts is remotely deactivating all iOS Rock Band installs on May 31,” iPodNN reports. “The developer of the game, Harmonix Music Systems, says it is unaware of the reasoning behind Electronic Arts’ shutdown of the game, which relies on no external server support to function. A different version of Rock Band, Rock Band Reloaded, released in December of 2010, is unaffected by the discontinuation of the original title.”
iPodNN reports, “Rock Band isn’t the first title Electronic Arts has orphaned, but it is the first it has terminated. The original iOS release of Sim City was discontinued, but was allowed to continue functioning. Tetris was yanked off the iTunes App Store in favor of a completely new version that customers would have to repurchase for further upgrades. The original Rock Band title released in 2009 is the first application outright terminated by Electronic Arts.”


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