Apple releases updated OS X Lion 10.7.4, Lion Server, Xcode and OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 developer builds

“Apple posted a new developer build of OS X Lion 10.7.4 for both Client and Server editions, coming just one week after the previous update,” MacNN reports. “In addition, the company has updated the last Developer Preview 3 of OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion, and also posted Developer Preview 4 of Xcode 4.4 for developers.”
“The newest update for the as-yet-unreleased 10.7.4 is build number 11E53, just one build higher than last week’s 11E52, and again indicating no known errors,” MacNN reports. “The shrinking time frame between recent releases, along with the decreasing gap between build numbers suggests that the update will be formally released in the near future.”

MacNN reports, “The update to Mountain Lion DP3, now updated to DP3.1, does not list specific changes apart from the noticeable ‘Do Not Disturb’ toggle, which can be accessed from the Notifications icon on the menubar and is represented by by a crescent moon. The Notifications feature itself is inherited from iOS 5, but the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode is not present there, suggesting that a future version of iOS 5 or later might add the feature.”


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