91% of moms want Apple iPads over flowers for Mother’s Day

TechBargains.com has conducted a Mother’s Day Survey that found some interesting results, including:
What gift does mom want?
• Tech Gadget: 31%
• No Gift: 16%
• Food / Restaurant: 16%
• Flowers: 13%
• Service: 9%
• (Jewelry: 7% Entertainment: 3% Home Decor: 3% Clothes: 2%)

Of the moms who want a tech gift, which one?
• Tablet: 51%
• MP3 Player: 16%
• Laptop: 14%
• (E-Reader: 9%, Digital Camera: 4%, Other: 3% Cell Phone: 2% Television: 1%)

Of the moms who want a tablet, which one?
• iPad: 64%
• Kindle Fire: 23%
• HP TouchPad: 5%
• Samsung Galaxy: 4%
• Nook Color: 2%
• Other: 2%

What would mom rather receive, flowers or iPad?
• iPad 91%
• Flowers 9%


One comment on “91% of moms want Apple iPads over flowers for Mother’s Day

  1. These statistics definitely don’t surprise me, especially since my mother is apart of that group who would definitely love an iPad over flowers this year, so as the lovely only daughter, I’m absolutely going to make sure it happens. Not only am I going to get her an iPad, I’m also going to get her a Sling Adapter to go along with her Dish services. She’ll just have to hook it up to her equipment, download the free Dish Remote Access app to her new iPad and then she’ll be able to watch all of her favorite shows from back home, live or recorded on it, anywhere she goes in the world. I’m sure she’s really going to love it because she does tend to travel a lot for her job and spends a lot of time in airports and such. I’ve used the Adapter and app ever since I started working at Dish a couple years ago and know it works great, so I know she is going to really enjoy it! 🙂

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