Is Apple Inc.’s bet on Liquidmetal about to pay off?

“Apple Inc. (AAPL) loves to think of lucrative new uses for other people’s bright ideas,” David Zeiler writes for Money Morning. “So it’s no surprise that Apple has been toying with yet another breakthrough technology. It’s called Liquidmetal.”
“The technology belongs to the aptly named Liquidmetal Technologies Inc. (LQMT), a company formed more than two decades ago to commercialize the new material,” Zeiler writes. “In contrast to the promise of its technology, Liquidmetal is tiny. With no factory of its own, Liquidmetal enlists partners to manufacture customized parts for customers. It has fewer than 20 employees and its market cap recently slipped below $50 million. The stock has been trading below $0.50 lately and tends to be volatile.”

Zeiler writes, “And yet as the owner of the intellectual property, Liquidmetal appears to be sitting on a gold mine. Still, Liquidmetal’s attempts to commercialize its product met with mixed success until Apple came along… ‘It is hard to predict what will come, when you leave such a technology to the imagination and creativity of Apple product development and innovation,’ Dr. Atakan Peker, a former vice president of research at Liquidmetal, told Cult of Mac. ‘I won’t be surprised with some very interesting [Liquidmetal-using] products in the future.’”


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