Are you using Apple’s AirPlay correctly?

“Most people probably use AirPlay to beam stuff within the iTunes ecosystem to their Apple TV. With one tap you can push movies and music stored on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad to your big screen,” Steve Kovach reports for The Business Insider.
“However, AirPlay is a lot more open now than it used to be. App developers and online video sites have the option to incorporate AirPlay. Until recently, I didn’t even think of trying AirPlay with anything but iTunes-sanctioned content,” Kovach reports. “I started experimenting this weekend. With the excellent PBS iPad app, I was able to beam recent episodes of NOVA from my tablet to my Apple TV. It also works with streaming video sites like YouTube and music apps like Pandora.”

Kovach reports, “AirPlay helps fill a major gap in Apple TV. Apple doesn’t offer downloadable apps for Apple TV (yet), so AirPlay brings your iPhone or iPad’s apps to the big screen. Unfortunately, some apps such as Hulu Plus and ABC don’t allow AirPlay. There are probably a lot of legal reasons for that. In the meantime, I’m stuck watching Hulu on my computer or iPad.”


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