A Liquidmetal iPhone 5: What’s in it for You

“A refreshed iPhone is expected in October, and Apple is considering using a material called Liquidmetal in order to differentiate itself from the competition, according to reports,” Daniel Ionescu reports for PCWorld. “In 2010, Apple purchased worldwide exclusive rights to use Liquidmetal in its products for around $20 million.”
“The material known as Liquidmetal is not actually liquid. It was discovered back in 1992 at the California Institute of Technology and it’s made of a mix of titanium, nickel, copper, and zirconium, among other metals,” Ionescu reports. “Liquidmetal has been used in various consumer electronics and gadgets by now due to its special properties: it’s very durable, it has the lightness of plastic, it’s scratch resistant and smooth to the touch. “

Ionescu reports, “A Lliquidmetal case for the iPhone means that the phone won’t be as scratch-prone as its siblings with a glass back, lighter, and less likely to shatter into pieces if you drop it. The use of the material for the phone case would also allow for a slimmer profile of the iPhone, as well as make it stand out against other smartphone manufactures, which are still mainly using various types of plastic for their devices. So while Liquidmetal might sound strange, if it makes it into the next iPhone, we might see one of the most durable and slim smartphones so far.”


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