Microsoft accused of rigging shootouts in favor of Windows Phone

“At least some shoppers have accused Microsoft of rigging its retail ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’ tests to favor itself,” Electronista reports. “At its retail stores, Microsoft not only has to award a $1,000 HP ultrabook if it loses [a contest between an iPhone or an Android phone] but may have to give up one or more potential customers. The contest still offers a Windows Phone free on contract if the shopper loses.”
“One incident marked by a SkatterTech writer saw him legitimately handle a Microsoft Store test faster than a Windows Phone on his Galaxy Nexus by showing the weather for two different cities, for which he happened to already have two widgets,” Electronista reports. “Despite this and having already used a official feature that disables the lock screen, retail staff insisted that the Windows Phone had won despite taking longer… When pressed, Microsoft Store staff reportedly used thin reasoning to justify its position, arguing that they had won “just because” and inventing a condition requiring that the cities be in different states.””

Electronista reports, “More serious accusations have followed with commentary on the story at Reddit. Microsoft was alleged to be deliberately throttling Wi-Fi speeds for non-Windows Phone devices attached to its store network.”


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