Elgato’s external Thunderbolt SSD drives are lightning-fast

The Elgato Thunderbolt SSD “drive combines a solid-state drive with Intel’s lightning-fast (sorry) Thunderbolt connector,” Kenny Hemphill reports for Register Hardware. “Inside its charcoal metal enclosure is a 3Gbps Sata SSD, 120GB in this case, made by SanDisk.”
“There’s a single Thunderbolt connection on the back. Bus-powered Thunderbolt drives like this one must always be the last drive in a chain as they can’t pass the necessary 10W of power to a downstream port,” Hemphill reports. “Tests using QuickBench 4 showed just how blazingly fast this drive is. For files between 2MB and 10MB in size, it recorded an average read speed of 265.8MBps and an average write speed of 257.4MBps.”

Hemphill reports, “By comparison, the built-in SSD in my MacBook Air achieved 217.2MBps and 204.8MBps, respectively… Suggested Price: £350 / US$$429.95 (120GB), £570 / US$699.95 (240GB) + £50 / US$69 for Thunderbolt cable.”


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