How Apple’s next-gen MacBook Pro will sport a Retina display

“The high resolution artwork [found in the second Developer build of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion] indicates that Macs could soon come with a HiDPI mode, essentially Retina Display, meaning that their screens would have a much greater density of pixels packed into the same area,” AppleBitch writes.
“What is worth noting, however, is that in order for Apple to accomplish [a Retina display in the new iPad], the majority of the internal volume of the new iPad is now comprised of battery,” AppleBitch writes. “And how could Apple achieve this in the MacBook Pro? You guessed right. Drop the CD/DVD drive… [which] takes up an enormous amount of space. Ditch that drive and replace it with battery, and you have a MacBook Pro with enough battery capacity to support a high pixel density display for a significant amount of time.”

AppleBitch writes, “So don’t be surprised if the next MacBook Pro you see will be a thinner, lighter, MacBook Air like model with a super high resolution display, bigger battery and sans optical drive.”


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