Valuentum: Expect double-digit dividend growth from Apple for some time to come

“History has revealed that the best-performing stocks during the previous decades have been those that shelled out ever-increasing cash to shareholders in the form of dividends,” Valuentum writes for Seeking Alpha. “Unfortunately for the individual investor, most dividend analysis that we’ve seen out there is backward-looking – meaning it rests on what the company has done in the past: how long it has raised its dividend, etc.”
“Although analyzing historical trends is important, we think assessing what may happen in the future is even more important,” Valuentum writes. “That is why we created a forward-looking assessment of dividend safety through our innovative, predictive dividend-cut indicator, the Valuentum Dividend Cushion™. We use our future forecasts for free cash flow and expected dividends and consider the company’s net cash position to make sure that each company is able to pay out such dividend obligations to you — long into the future.”

Valuentum writes, “In this article, let’s evaluate the recently announced dividend of Apple (AAPL). We expect double-digit dividend growth from the iPad-maker for some time to come.”


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