Yoshikami: Two wins for Apple’s CEO Tim Cook

“Let’s state the obvious; it’s clear that Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. But maybe that’s okay; maybe Tim Cook being Tim Cook is good enough,” Michael Yoshikami, CEO, Founder & Chairman, Destination Wealth Management, writes for CNBC.
“Cook took over at Apple with a very big set of shoes to fill. Steve Jobs was a formidable presence not only as a business leader, but as a presenter. Many questioned if Tim Cook was up to the job. ‘Would he be flashy enough? Would he capture the imagination of the Apple loyalists?’ the critics asked,” Yoshikami writes. “Perhaps these were the wrong questions to be asking. Perhaps Tim Cook had his own unique value proposition he was ready to bring Apple.”

Yoshikami writes, “In our view, the Cook era of Apple is here. As evidence of the so far successful transition, there have been 2 major issues he has handled effectively and with transparency.”

Win #1: Adequate iPad supply azt launch
Win #2: Apple annpunced a dividend plan


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