Foxconn won’t take legal action against ‘This American Life’ after retraction of Mike Daisey lies

“Foxconn Technology Group , the top [assembler] of Apple Inc’s iPhones and iPads, said on Monday it had no plans to take legal action over a U.S. radio programm about its activity in China, parts of which have been retracted,” Reuters reports. “But the company said the broadcast, which has generated public debate on journalistic ethics in the United States, had hurt its reputation.”
“The radio programm ‘This American Life’ last week retracted an episode critical of working conditions at a Chinese factory of Foxconn, saying it had contained ‘numerous fabrications,’” Reuters reports. “The retracted episode, broadcast on Jan. 6, was based heavily on a one-man theatrical show by actor Mike Daisey: ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.’”

‘Our client is Apple Inc… Our corporate image has been totally ruined. The point is whatever media that cited the program should not have reported it without confirming (with us),” said Simon Hsing, Foxconn’s spokesman,” Reuters reports. “‘We have no plans to take legal action… We hope nothing similar will happen again.’”


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