PC Magazine reviews new Apple iPad: ‘The finest large-screen tablet; a truly gorgeous screen; Editor’s Choice’

“Still the finest large-screen tablet on the market, the third-generation Apple iPad ($499-$829) delivers an unmatched array of excellent apps on a truly gorgeous screen,” Sascha Segan reports for PC Magazine. “The high-res display and fast 4G LTE are the best of what’s changed from the wildly popular iPad 2 ($399, 4.5 stars), and the little improvements like a better rear camera and a new dictation feature only help sweeten the deal.”
“The biggest reason to recommend the new iPad, though, isn’t its hardware, fine as that is,” Segan reports. “It’s the software. And I don’t mean Apple’s software, either, although iOS 5.1 is certainly no slouch. The collection of third-party apps for the iPad is far better than on any other platform, including Android, delivering a superior experience—and making it our Editors’ Choice for large-screen tablets.”

Segan reports, “I don’t think we’ll see a better large tablet than the new iPad this year.”


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