Hands-on with Apple’s new iPad and why to consider a WiFi-only model

“I always thought that the iPad 2 had a great screen — until I got my hands on the new (3rd generation) iPad,” Larry Magid reports for forbes.
“Now, all of a sudden the text and graphics on that ‘old’ iPad seem a little fuzzy,” Magid reports. “No complaints — the iPad 2 remains a great tablet, as does the first generation, but after viewing it next to the new one, I can see why my colleague Walt Mossberg wrote that ‘Using the new display is like getting a new eyeglasses prescription.’”

Magid reports, “But before buying a 4G model, consider getting a Wi-Fi version and a separate device that allows you to generate your own Wi-Fi signal. All the major cell carriers offer devices like the MiFi which are capable of picking up 3G or 4G signals and creating their own hotspots. The advantage is that one device and one service plan provides data service to all your devices — your iPad, your laptop, even your home PC or game console if you want it to. Of course, it’s a bit less convenient than having 4G built-in, but it’s cheaper and more versatile.”


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