Crowds storm stores for Apple’s next iPad

“Thousands of eager consumers braved long lines across the globe in hopes of securing Apple’s highly-anticipated new iPad,” Brett Molina reports for USA Today.
“Lizandra Osorio, 23, of Bridgeton, N.J., first tried a New Jersey Walmart at midnight, but the store had only a few iPads, so she drove to a shopping mall in Delaware at 2 a.m. Hundreds of people were ahead of her,” Molina reports. “‘I was planning to be first in line, but that plan failed,’ Osorio laughed, wrapped in a fleece blanket outside the mall. ‘If I can get one in my hands, it’ll be worth it.’”

Molina reports, “In Japan, more than 450 people waited at an Apple store in Tokyo in hopes of getting an iPad, the Wall Street Journal reports. One student, Ryo Watanabe, tells the Journal he and a friend took turns waiting in line for 37 hours to be first in line. ‘The fact that the display has gotten better is a big enough reason for me to get it,’ Watanabe tells the paper.”


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