Fox News’ Morris reviews new Apple iPad: ‘Easily the best tablet I’ve ever seen; a giant leap for connected mankind’ (with video)

“The new iPad includes a better display, faster performance, better camera, and a snappy new operating system,” Clayton Morris writes for Fox News. “Those may seem like small steps in the tablet space. But having used the new iPad for the past week now, I can tell you it’s a giant leap for connected mankind.”
“That said, if you got an iPad 2 for Christmas, don’t feel bad about being a generation behind,” Morris writes. “The iPad 2 is still leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, in my opinion. But if you’ve been waiting to get a tablet until now, is this a good time to pull the trigger? Heck yes!”

Morris writes, “The new iPad is easily the best tablet I’ve ever seen… At the risk of sounding like Billy Mays, I’ll say this of the retina display: You have to see it to believe it. “Retina display” is Apple’s way of describing the resolution of the screen, which is now 2,048-by-1,536 or 3.1 million pixels. Think of it this way: The HD TV in your living room is only 1,920-by-1,080. So simple math tells you that this is more, packed into a smaller space. It makes text on the screen simply astonishing, and the Internet has never looked so good. It’s quite simply the best screen for reading I’ve ever seen.”



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