Apple updates iPad App Store with faster UI ahead of iPad 3 launch

“Apple’s revamped user interface of the iPad ‘Top Charts’ section on its iOS App Store could possibly be in preparation of a third generation tablet expected to be announced on Wednesday,” AppleInsider reports.
“The iPad App Store facelift saw minor tweaks in how top selling apps are displayed and a new horizontal scrolling UI, among other small updates,” AppleInsider reports. “The changes could be a prelude to the much rumored debut of Apple’s next-generation iPad that scheduled to take place tomorrow at a special event in San Francisco.”

AppleInsider reports, “The move could be related to the resolution of the next-generation iPad’s display, which is rumored to be twice that of Apple’s current tablet lineup. If image assets within the App Store are not scaled, a doubling in pixel density would result in a perceived decrease in icon size. The change in size wouldn’t be a problem with a Retina display-equipped product like the iPhone 4S, however visibility issues could occur when using a device like an iPad that is normally held farther away from the face.”


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