Biden touts Steve Jobs’ ‘Think Different’ motto

“Vice President Joe Biden’s new pitch for why America will always beat China leads right back to China,” Edward-Isaac Dovere reports for Politico.
“Picking up President Barack Obama’s praise of Steve Jobs in the State of the Union, Biden used a jobs speech in Iowa this week to tout the Apple founder’s ‘Think Different’ motto,” Dovere reports. “The vice president said the slogan encapsulates the root of America’s economic superiority over China: an environment that fosters the free exchange of ideas and creativity. And, as a result, produces wealth.”

Dovere writes, “Left out was the growing criticism of Jobs for moving Apple’s manufacturing to allegedly exploitative companies in China — and for telling Obama directly that he had no plans to bring any of that work back home.”

Our Take: Blah, blah, blah; more vapid talking points. We get it: “Apple is bad because they assemble their products in China.” It isn’t working. It’s past time for FUD, Inc. to concoct some new bullshit about Apple.

Dovere writes, “Biden sketched out his national spirit theory of economics on a trip meant to promote American manufacturing: The reason China, with all its people and all its engineers, is still stealing U.S. intellectual property and trade secrets is ‘because they’re not innovative,’ he said… His office declined to comment on the juxtaposition of his praise of Jobs and Apple’s reliance on Chinese manufacturing.”


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