CNBC: New York a ‘key location’ for unveiling Apple’ quad-core ‘iPad 3′ with 4G

“The city of New York will play a ‘key’ role in the Apple’s unveiling of its third-generation iPad next week, a device expected to pack a quad-core processor and 4G LTE connectivity, financial news network CNBC claimed on Tuesday,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.
“In a live report Tuesday morning, the network cited anonymous sources who indicated an event will be held in New York to announce the third-generation iPad,” Hughes reports “Those same people reportedly indicated Apple’s next tablet, which it said will have a quad-core CPU, will go on sale on March 9.”

Hughes reports, “However, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop immediately took to Twitter to declare CNBC ‘wrong.’ Dalrymple has a proven track record with respect to Apple’s plans. CNBC’s Jon Fortt later took to the air to clarify that he has heard that New York City will be a “key location” in next week’s anticipated iPad event.”


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