Rush Limbaugh: My first home computer was an Apple IIc; then every top-of-the-line Mac desktop since

Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh today discussed his first home computer (and every other personal computer he’s had since then) on what, since its inception on August 1, 1988, is the highest-rated talk radio show in the United States. The 3-hour Rush Limbaugh Show airs daily on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate stations. The program is also broadcast worldwide on the U.S. Armed Forces Radio Network. A November 2008 poll by Zogby International found that Rush Limbaugh was the most trusted news personality in the nation.
From the live transcript, Limbaugh said:

RUSH: Ron in Cincinnati, Open Line Friday, great to have you here, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Mega computing dittos.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I was wanting to know what you were first home computer was. I’ve been wanting to know for many years. I don’t believe you’ve ever say.

RUSH: My first home computer was an Apple IIc.

CALLER: Oh, I remember using those in school.

RUSH: I did. I started e-mailing then. I started e-mailing with that computer. I don’t remember what the program was. Was some — whatever was built into the IIc and quickly then went to the Macintosh after a year. But no, I’ve had every top-of-the-line Mac desktop that there is. Every time they came out with a new revision, I got one. (interruption) No, I think they’re gonna have one more rev of the Mac Pro in the third quarter of this year and then it’s probably done. One more rev, and I can’t wait ’cause it’s the only thing they’ve got that doesn’t have Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is this wicked fast data transfer. It’s about twice as fast as FireWire 800.


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