Proview sues Apple in the US, mass hilarity ensues

“Proview has decided to try and sue Apple in the US courts over the rights to the iPad name. The very basis of the case that they’re trying to make has me giggling,” Tim Worstall writes for Forbes. “Proview accuses Apple of creating a special purpose entity — IP Application Development Ltd, or IPAD — to buy the iPad name from it, concealing Apple’s role in the matter.”
“Well, yes, that almost certainly was the purpose of creating the special purpose vehicle. For if it were known that Apple was thinking of naming its next major product ‘iPad’ then the rights to the name iPad would be very valuable. More than the few tens of thousands actually paid, certainly,” Worstall writes. “But while they’ve got the motivation correct there’s a little problem with their complaint. Fooling someone in a business deal is not in fact illegal.”


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