New York City Police seize counterfeit iPhones, iPods, iPads

“A police officer stood on Ninth Avenue at 39th Street on a warm Monday afternoon and saw a man trying to sell a stranger a new, still-in-the-box iPhone 4 on the street, for the too-good-to-be-true price of $150,” Michael Wilson reports for The New York Times. “The man’s name was Iaron Baskerville, 62, and court records indicate that when the officer approached to arrest him for operating without a vendor’s license, Mr. Baskerville said something curious by way of defense. ‘The phone,’ Mr. Baskerville said, ‘is fake.’”
“So what did it look like? Officers opened the box, which looked authentic, and found an odd-looking, poor-boy stepbrother of the real thing,” Wilson reports. “‘I have an iPhone,’ said Sgt. John O’Connell, 37, with the nearby 10th Precinct, describing the afternoon last month. ‘Immediately, you know it’s not a real phone. The screen’s smaller. The buttons don’t fit right. It was more of a box. It didn’t feel as sturdy.’”

Wilson reports, “Officers raided the store on Feb. 9 and found what the police described as among the larger inventories of fake Apple electronics for sale on the East Coast. They said there were 436 iPhones, 21 iPads, 128 iPods — all fake. An official from Apple showed up to verify as much.”


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