Analysts: Apple to release 7-inch iPad mini

“Analysts are predicting that Apple will launch a smaller, more affordable iPad tablet in 2012 in addition to its high end iPad 3, due out next quarter,” Sylvie Barak reports for EE Times.
“Brett Simpson and Richard Kramer of Arete Research said they expected to see Apple launch ‘a 7-inch iPad with a low-end specification,’ in or around the third quarter of the year at a price point of about $299,” Barak reports. ““Given the iPad 3 aims to use higher spec parts (quad-core CPU, higher resolution display, LTE, and improved camera) there is plenty of scope to offer a cost down model supporting ~$100 lower bill of materials,” said the pair.

Barak reports, ““If offered at around $299, it will spur far greater adoption,” said Arete, noting that the educational and emerging market segments would be prime targets for such a device… ‘With Microsoft demanding a ~$10 royalty for every Android tablet, and Apple positioning its iPad mini to oust rivals in the low-end, we see little opportunity for OEMs to scale and make money this year,’ said Arete, giving a gloomy outlook to other tablet hopefuls.”


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