RUMOR: iPad 3 case to be 1-1.5mm thicker than iPad 2 (with photo)

“It seems there has been a leak, a most incredible one, from a Chinese forum,” Steve Lo reports for M.I.C. Gadget.
“According to the poster on the Chinese forum, there are no volume buttons on the iPad 3,” ,” Lo reports. “Well, you can see from our iPad 3 rear shell (as shown in photo below) that there clearly is volume buttons. Our component is a confirmed rear shell for iPad 3 Wi-Fi + 3G model.”

Lo reports, “So rounding up everything we have seen and heard from our sources, this is what we believe the specs of the new Apple tablet will be:”

• It will have a 9.7 inch 2048×1536 Retina Display.
• Possible quad core A6, but dual core for sure. The processing power is required for the Retina Display.
• A much improved camera, although maybe not be 8MP as production costs are high.
• The unit is about 1-1.5mm thicker depending on your model
• The edges are tapered, we have heard as said previously that the bezel is narrower, and we have confirmed there are volume keys
• LTE has been tested, but the market is limited, so perhaps we will not see anything outside of 3G connectivity.
• The capacity our sources have said will stay the same, at 16GB, 32GB and 64GB respectively.

20120222-073640 AM.jpg


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