Store Fan Acquires Apple Logo Sign

“A fan of Apple’s retail stores has nabbed a rare artifact to help decorate his computer station—a 3D Apple logo that allegedly once hung on the wall of the Company Store in Cupertino” reports Gary Allen for ifoAppleStore. “The Company Store is located within Apple’s headquarters building, and is open to employees and the public to buy Apple logo merchandise of all kinds. Macrumors forum user toxthexnines posted an entry last Friday asking how he might best mount the separate three-dimensional Apple logo and stem to his wall. A photo of the logo posted on the forum shows it’s an inch thick and about two feet tall, with an aluminum face. “Got it from my brother & his friend,” posted the owner, “who got it from the on campus Apple Store.” The owner says Apple was remodeling the Company Store and, “my brothers (sic) friend convinced them (construction workers) to give the sign to her. He asked if i wanted it, got it for a great price so i couldn’t resist.” After various advice from other on the forum, toxthexnines used heavy-duty adhesive mounting squares to mount the logo on his wall.”

20120221-065035 AM.jpg

Our take: I want one!!


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