Apple’s stupendous success: The top 10 reasons from CEO Tim Cook

“While most companies today would love to be able to claim growth rates in the high single digits, Apple’s revenue last quarter grew 73%,” Bob Evans writes for SAP. “How did Apple achieve that?”
Evans asks, “How does it manage to create products that outperform competitors’? How does it create a booming retail business while other retailers are retrenching? How does it pounce on publicly available new technologies like Siri and turn that into a worldwide phenomenon? How does it rack up, quarter after quarter, financial results that are so impressive that they seem almost unencumbered by the same laws of physics and marketplace reality to which the rest of us mere mortals are subject?”

Evans writes, “Apple Tim Cook offered some revealing glimpses into Apple’s strategic thinking and core philosophies at a recent Goldman Sachs investors conference…”

10: Embrace your inner cannibal
9: Invest heavily in the right things while pinching pennies everywhere else
8: Pursue innovative distribution models: a.k.a. ‘think different’
7: Realize the iPad has triggered the onset of a post-PC world
6: Exploit the ‘halo effect’
5: The China factor makes it first among equals in emerging markets
4: Dazzle and delight your developer community
3: Don’t make customers pull their hair out
2: Repeat after me: ‘Great products trump everything else—including price’
1: Keep Steve Jobs’ vision burning inside terrific people


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