iSuppli estimates Amazon shipped 3.9 million tiny screen Kindle Fire units in Q411

“Since simply won’t give us a number on its Kindle Fire shipments, CEO Jeff Bezos really leaves us no choice but to play guessing games with third-party sources,” Evan Niu reports for The Motley Fool.
“Suppli has released its latest batch of estimates on the state of the tablet market as of the fourth quarter,” Niu reports. “The market-intelligence specialist estimates that Amazon shipped 3.9 million Fire tablets in that timeframe, promptly jumping to claim the silver medal with a 14% market share. The overall market grew from 17.4 million units to 27.1 million units, a 55% bigger pie. Apple’s shipments grew 39% to 15.4 million, but that growing base made Cupertino’s market share slip. Samsung’s 2.1 million tabs moved was just an 8% increase, while B&N’s units soared by 156% to 1.9 million tablets on the heels of its new Nook Tablet.”

Niu reports, “Suppli analyst Rhoda Alexander expects the iPad 3 demand to outstrip supply for several months once its released.”


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