AT&T CMO: This is how we sold millions more iPhones than Verizon In 2011

“One year ago, there was a lot of chatter about Verizon Wireless getting the iPhone and the effect it would have on rival carrier AT&T,” Elizabeth Woyke reports for Forbes.
“Now that 2011 sales have been tabulated and AT&T turns out to have activated far more iPhones than Verizon did – 17.5 million units vs. 10.8 million for Verizon – AT&T is eager to talk about its surprising success holding onto iPhone subscribers and recruiting new ones,” Woyke reports. “AT&T was fortunate to be the only U.S. carrier to offer the speedy HSPA+ technology the iPhone 4S supported. (T-Mobile USA also has HSPA+ but has not been approved by Apple to sell the iPhone.)”

Woyke reports, “A wider selection of iPhones also gave AT&T an edge on Verizon and Sprint in 2011. After the launch of the iPhone 4S, AT&T became the only U.S. carrier with a free iPhone (3GS). Christopher acknowledged that the 3GS boosted AT&T’s overall iPhone activations in 2011, but said most of AT&T’s fourth-quarter iPhone sales came from the newest model (4S), which sold for the same price across carriers.”


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