Beleaguered RIM’s comeback plan for Blackberry: Cartoon superheroes

“Research In Motion downplayed their new ‘BeBold’ campaign Tuesday following a wave of negative reactions from the Internet,” FOX News reports.
“RIM on Monday introduced four new cartoon superheroes who will help the company spread the word about its products as it looks to regain traction in a market increasingly dominated by rivals Apple and Google,” FOX News reports. “But following nearly universal criticism, RIM quickly backtracked, noting that the infographic campaign was simply intended to ‘be a bit of fun.’”

FOX News reports, “The original image displayed four cartoon superheroes dubbed ‘the Bold Team.’ Gogo Girl can save the day with her ‘brilliant strategy, a smile or a spatula,’ Max Stone is ‘tough, proud and a little wild,’ Justin Steele is ‘always ready to stick up for his friends’ and Trudy Foreal is ‘not afraid to call it as she sees it.’”

“The company encouraged users to share their 2012 resolutions with the hashtag, #BeBold,” FOX News reports. “Instead, users poked fun at what they considered a silly campaign, given the company’s lagging technological competitiveness.”


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