How Steve Jobs acquired iPhone and iOS trademarks from Cisco

“The iPhone has already been credited with revolutionizing the smartphone industry, from the moment it was released at Macworld, on Jan. 9, 2007,” Alex Heath reports for Cult of Mac.
“Although Apple did devise the ‘i’ nomenclature, for products like the iMac and the iPod, it was Cisco – a huge computing company operating around the world – that actually owned the ‘iPhone’ and ‘iOS’ trademarks, long before Apple intended to use them,” Heath reports. “So how did Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. manage to get the right to use those terms?”

Heath reports, “According to Adam Lashinsky, the author of the new book ‘Inside Apple,’ Jobs approached former Cisco executive Charles Giancarlo for the ownership of both names… The negotiation displayed some classic Steve Jobs negotiating tactics. Giancarlo said Jobs called him at home at dinnertime on Valentine’s Day, as the two sides were haggling.”


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