New Motorola lawsuit alleges Apple’s iPhone 4S and iCloud infringe on their patents

“According to court documents, Motorola has launched their second patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in Miami, Florida,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.
“In Motorola’s new complaint they claim that Apple is infringing on six additional patents ranging from concealing an external antenna on a cell phone on through to a wireless messaging system,” Purcher reports. “Motorola is mainly focusing on Apple’s iPhone 4S smartphone and iCloud services as being the product and service infringing on their patents.”

Purcher reports, “The official complaint states that ‘Motorola Mobility brings this action against Apple to seek remedies for Apple’s infringement of U.S. Patents 5,710,987 (‘the ’987 patent’), 5,574,119 (‘the ’119 patent’), 5,958,006 (‘the ’006 patent’), 6,101,531 (‘the ’531 patent’), 6,008,737 (‘the ’737 patent’), and 6,377,161 (‘the ’161 patent’) (together, ‘the Asserted Patents’).’”


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