Apple’s iPhone business alone generates more revenue than all Microsoft

“Apple’s fiscal 2012 first quarter earnings report was a jaw dropper,” Joe Wilcox reports for BetaNews. “iPhone generated $24.42 billion revenue. During the same quarter, all of Microsoft: $20.89 billion.”
“More broadly, Apple revenue ($46.33 billion) was more than twice Microsoft’s, and net income nearly was ($13.06 billion versus $6.62 billion, respectively),” Wilcox reports. “But it’s that iPhone figure that really stands out. One product’s revenues against an entire company’s.”

Wilcox reports, “But it’s not just iPhone. Apple did something remarkable during fourth quarter — Mac sales grew during three months when PC shipments were their worst in a decade, according to IDC. Apple sold 5.2 million Macs, generating $6.6 billion — or more revenue than any single Microsoft division. Closest: Office at $6.28 billion… In the United States, fourth-quarter PC shipments fell for every vendor in the top five but Apple, according to Gartner. HP shipments plummeted by more than 26 percent — meanwhile Apple’s grew by 20.7 percent.”


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