Why the hand-wringing over Apple’s iBooks Author is wrong

“A smattering of journalist authors are freaking out over Apple’s license agreement for the free new iBooks Author tool,” Mike Elgan writes for Cult of Mac.
“ZDnet’s Ed Bott called the license agreement ‘greedy and evil.’ PCmag.com’s Sascha Segan wrote: ‘Like iBooks Author? Apple now owns you.’ Even Daring Fireball’s John Gruber called it ‘Apple at its worst,’” Elgan writes. “Et tu, Gruber?”

Elgan writes, “What’s strange about these emotional responses to Apple’s legalese is that they fail the reality test. Apple’s iBooks Author terms are neither greedy nor evil; they don’t mean Apple’s ‘owns you;’ and it’s certainly not the worst thing Apple has ever done.”

“Emotional responses to this licensing agreement are natural, given the unusual terms it contains. But once the emotion has subsided, and the facts are considered with a cool head, Apple’s new iBooks Author looks like a pretty good deal,” Elgan writes. “I’m predicting that a whole lot of authors are going to love it.”


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